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Printed folding Cartons

Shree Vinayak Industries is considered an authority in the printed folding carton business. We are always striving to maintain the high quality standards we are renowned for. Our large range of attractively designed printed folding cartons offers great choices. Whether the need is for a gift carton, a cosmetic item, food and beverage products, or household goods, we are well-equipped to recommend and supply just the right type of printed folding carton. The products are manufactured with precision in absolute accordance with the dimensions and size specifications provided by the customer. We believe in customer-focused approach to meet our job.

We are accomplished at manufacturing a stunning range of duplex cartons. These products are designed to resist not just tearing and wear & tear, but also tampering of any kind so as to protect the material being packed. Available in many colors, prints and designs, these cartons are useful across a broad range of industries. Besides offering strength and endurance, these cartons also come equipped with good storage capacity and lend proper cushioning to the products being packed. From electrical & electronic goods to home appliances and food products, high-quality duplex box options are available at Shree Vinayak Industries in accordance with the requirements of our customers. 

    Uses of Printed Folding Cartons

    Printed folding cartons used in the food and beverage sector have to fulfill some other parameters as well, such as good resistance against moisture. Some examples of these are wine boxes, chocolate cartons and confectionary products. Being durable yet lightweight is a prime consideration in these cartons.

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