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Mono Cartons

Our entity is well-known for its high-quality, sturdy mono cartons. Our wide range of mono cartons facilitates a large number of applications across many industries such as cosmetics, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and so on. As is evident across our entire product range, the raw material used for these is of the finest grade possible. To suit various types of requirements, we manufacture and supply everything from mono cartons. Designed and printed in accordance with the brand's guidelines, we manufacture them in flexible quantities according to our customers' specifications. We offer the following kinds of mono cartons:

Printed Mono Cartons

Our printed mono cartons go a long way in building the brand identity and top-of-mind recall for a lot of our customers. Some of the common products that benefit from such type of printed mono cartons are : bottled beverages such as water and soft drinks, cosmetics, confectionary and bakery items, etc. Our customers are especially appreciative of the fact that we are able to customize orders in terms of both design as well as size. Our cartons are also compact and lightweight. We do provide all kind of printing to our customers as per their specifications like Screen Printing, Flexo Printing and printing through Offset Machine.

Corrugated Mono Cartons

Corrugated mono cartons are extensively used for packing products such as fruits & vegetables, other eatables, some types of cosmetics, and so on. All our corrugated cartons are built to withstand wear & tear and preserve the shape & structure of the packed products effectively, meaning they deliver great value for money. Manufactured in sync with customer specifications, they are designed to be lightweight yet durable, and are available with a great degree of customization. 

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